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Preventing SQL and XSS Injections

On July 26, 2013, by Faraz Ahmed, 4 Comments

I’ve seen a lot of custom coded PHP applications, which have done it all functionality wise, but when it came to validating and securing the incoming data from the input fields before saving them into the database, most of them fell short.

A lot of developers I know don’t know what SQL or XSS Injection is, and those who do know about the terms don’t know how the injection happens and how to protect your website against them. This post is about how you can secure both types of injections using just one method.

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Detecting and Removing Malicious Codes

On May 3, 2013, by Faraz Ahmed, 0 Comments

If you have been doing web development for a while, then you must have encountered malicious codes in your or your client’s website. I’ve seen many novice programmers removing the malicious code from the website and then immediately changing the FTP and web hosting passwords, thinking that the website won’t get hacked again, only to find out in a few days that it has been hacked again. Read More